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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
I'm not going to get into all the members of the cabinet with tax problems in this post, but seriously, we have the peopel that are lecturing us about paying taxes, not paying their own taxes.
A better question for discussion would be why is it when the republicans, right-wingnuts, and theocons are up to shady dealings, criminal behavior, and negligence, their supporters turn blind eye. But when the good-guys take office (and Obama *is* the good-guy), suddenly all faults are noticed and bitched about?

For instance:

How Tax Cheats Are Using Your Money to Fund Republicans
"Swift Boat" financier Sam Wyly cheated the U.S. of at least $300 million in taxes." And, "The money that paid for the "Swift Boat" campaign was your money!" [...] Wyly did his cheating through an offshore scheme that hid $1 billion in profits via Isle of Man "shell companies" that existed only on paper, were registered under front men to hide the Wylys' names, and were used to carry out transactions and launder money. And that's only the hidden income that was found. The Dallas mogul, with a $1 billion admitted net worth, may be guilty of the biggest personal tax fraud in U.S. history.
Former Executive Director of Asbury Park Housing Authority Pleads Guilty in Corruption
Executive director of the Asbury Park Housing Authority, Republican Kenneth E. Nixon, Jr., pleaded guilty to federal tax fraud,
admitting his participation in a scheme to regain his $80,000 a year position after he was dismissed in 1995 for mismanagement. Nixon died awaiting sentence.

Two plead guilty in $11M mortgage fraud
Republican John Beaird, who campaigned for Texas state Rep., pleaded guilty to an $11 million mortgage fraud scheme. He was
sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay $465,000 in restitution. An FBI investigation that showed Beaird was engaged in at least 39 fraudulent transactions and obtained more than $11 million in loan proceeds for himself and the nominal borrowers.
At least these guys went to jail, right? (well, each except Wylie).

Then consider:

Feds: Renzi made $700,000-plus in deal that led to indictment
[P]rosecutors said Renzi conspired with Sandlin to conduct a land swap in exchange for the congressman's push to get a House committee's approval for the deal. [...] Renzi received $733,000 in the deal but did not disclose the income to Congress in his 2005 financial disclosure statement.

Harris didn't tell all about donations
It's not the first time the Longboat Key Republican has had to defend herself for accepting illegal contributions from a company. In 1994, while running for the state Senate, Harris collected $30,000 from a Sarasota company called Riscorp, which like MZM was investigated for violating campaign laws.
Wade paid a hefty fine. Harris? Nada.

What I did, admittedly, was begin with a conclusion that republicans/conservatives are dicks and tailored a google search just for that. I started with a pre-conceived conclusion and only sought that data which are supportive, which I displayed here. The truth is, politicians -in general- are dicks. They'll take advantage of their constituents whenever and wherever they can. There's no more or less reporting or interest in their behavior by the so-called "liberal media" (whatever that means -I suppose "that media which isn't Faux News").

So the real question is, why do democrats and republicans / liberals and conservatives only notice the wrong-doings of their counter-parts? Why are voters and would-be pundits so willing to overlook the indecency, immorality, and irrationality of the the party they're more likely to vote for?

This is an illogical and irrational way to manage the government that is under the power of the people, but the answer, in my opinion, is that many (if not most) people lack critical thinking skills.

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