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Chapter 3

((Looks like the wait is over!))

I stood quietly outside the door to the room that was serving as an impromptu council chamber while the Jedi we're on Shedu Maad. 3 hours ago, I had bested Luke Skywalkers time for the quickest run on the Jedi flight simulator, and Han Solo had gone running to Luke to brag about it. I shook my head slightly and let out a quick chuckle. He certainly has his smuggler moments. A beeping noise signaled that I was allowed to enter, and the door slid open. I walked slowly into the room and stood in the speaking area, surrounded by the council. I glanced around at the faces of the men and women surrounding me. The dark eyes of Kyp Durron stared at me over his steepled fingers, on his left sat Kenth Hamner, the surprisingly level-headed Corellian Master whose tactical skill was unmatched. Sitting on the left side of master Luke Skywalker was my former mentor, Master Corran Horn. Arrayed around the room were Jedi Masters Sabatyne, Cilghal, Kyle Katarn, Octa Ramis, and Kam and Tionne Solusar.

"Masters. You wished to see me?"

Luke's blank stare diverted from the floor to meet my gaze head-on.

"Yes, Ghel. We have an important mission for you to undertake. However much I think the Jedi need time to regroup and refresh, the galaxy at large still needs us. We have heard news that a large group of pirates have raiding trade routes along the mid rim, the Council would like you to investigate these pirates, then if necessary, deal with them."

"I understand, Master. Is there anything else I should know?"

Luke nodded.

"You will not be leaving for a few days more, as Jaina Solo will be accompanying you. She is in a state of turmoil over her brothers death. Part of the reason we chose you is because of your ability to help people see through their pain. We would like you to help her in any way you can."

The news made me happy, as I had been looking forward to getting to know Jaina more since our first encounter.

"As you wish, Master. I will do my best."

Luke nodded, and my old mentor smiled at me, before I turned and departed. His mind brushed against mine, and I felt his pride at my maturity and responsibility. I continued down the hall, feeling more upbeat than I had since the war had started. I wandered the halls of the mining facility, greeting my fellow jedi cordially before continuing my walk. As I approached the mess hall, I saw Han Solo open the door and take a step through.

"Han!" I yelled.

He poked his face back out of the door way and his famous Solo grin split his face.

"Well how ya doing, kid?"

I sped up to enter the hall alongside him.

"Great. Just great. Jaina and I have been given a mission from the council."

Han's face fell.

"You we're hoping to spend more time with your daughter before she ran off and almost got herself killed again, weren't you." I said.

"yeah. Just promise me one thing, kid."

I knew what was coming, and I already had my answer ready.

"If it comes down to it, I'll make sure she makes it home, with or without me."

He nodded, then we headed over towards the table where Jaina and Leia were sitting.

Han sat down across from Leia and I sat across from Jaina.

Jaina was staring at her plate, her food untouched, and Leia kept throwing sidelong glances at her daughter as if afriad she might break down at any moment.

"Jaina, hunny?" Han said.

She looked up into his face, but her eyes looked distant and unfocused.

"Hello Dad." she said quietly.

"I've brought someone for you too meet."

I could feel Hans gaze as Jaina looked into my face.

"You're the one from the hangar."

I nodded solemnly while her parents looked confused.

"The hangar? Jaina, this is Ghel Thek."

She reached out with the Force and probed my consciousness, so I opened myself to her pleasant, although saddened, touch. I sent her a few more images of comfort and peace and she sighed in content.

"So the Masters have given us a mission."

I did not outwardly show my shock, though I wondered why I had not felt her probe that particular thought. It must be her pain masking her presence in some way. I theorized.

Leia glanced at Han with a look of pained shock on her face. She looked towards me and opened her mouth to speak, but Han reached across the table and put a hand over her mouth.

"I already asked him." he said solemnly.

Leia looked at me once more, and this time, I felt and saw her gratitude for my willingness to sacrifice my life for her daughters. I turned back towards Jaina and began to speak.

"Yeah. The council wants us to track down some pirates who've been raiding shipping lanes in the Mid Rim."

She nodded, then looked back down to her food.

"We should head out as soon as possible."

I knew this was coming, so I put an easy grin on my face and cocked my head.

"You sure about that?" I asked.

She looked up at me once again, and her dazzling green eyes met my sparkling blue ones.


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