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I just skimmed this thread and noticed that there weren't any Linux Apps listed!

Well... some of the apps listed swing both ways. VLC is one. I use it in Linux almost exclusively for my video files (or any other media file). You can even use it to stream across a network if you want.

When I'm not using VLC, I like Miro and lately I've been downloading all my podcasts via Miro. But it handles video subscriptions (get your weekly Diggnation, Geek Brief TV, etc.). Miro supports a variety of operating systems (but its best in Linux!).

Gimp - because not everyone can afford Photoshop. Gimp is open source and multi-platform. There's a Windoz version. There's also an off-shoot that has tried to imitate the functionality of Photoshop. Gimp does just about everything PS does, but it isn't laid out the nearly same. Being Open Source, other developers are free to play with the code.

Open Office - I use it nearly everyday! Multi-platform -works on Linux, MS, etc.

Xournal - this is one of my favorites. It only works on Linux, however. Its a PDF annotation tool that lets you mark-up, comment, and highlight (among other things) PDF files and even export them as new PDF documents that can be opened marked/highlighted in Adobe reader and printed. I have a version on my Nokia N800 which I use to mark up journal articles that I'm reading for grad school, then I plug into a printer at school and print the highlighted & marked pages to a color printer. I've even used marked up PDFs in a presentation in a lecture I gave. A cool tool!

The best killer app I've come across in a while:

Ubuntu - a totally free and well done operating system that I've been using for several years. And each release just gets better. I installed the current distribution on a machine that previously only had Win XP and had Firefox up and surfing the net in about 20 minutes from Power up to signing in to iGoogle.

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