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Neerg followed the Arbiter closely as they walked to the Phantom. He had a small grin on his face, but his eyes remained without emotion. He knew that if he did anything hostile, the Arbiters honour guard would not hesitate to kill him, even if they officially were lower in rank than Neerg.

He jumped up in the Phantoms troop compartment, stopped, and turned back, facing the exit hatch. He saw a Wraith plasma blast firing upon an incoming Human squad. The crew of the Phantom jumped down and attacked, and Neerg smiled at so many humans getting killed with so few Covenant deaths. As he looked away he saw the Grunt he had rescued eariler sitting close to the Phantom, not knowing what to do. He waved at the Grunt to go into the Phantom.

"This Grunt has saved my life," he said as the Grunt was climbing up. "I would never have been able to fly that Human craft myself." That was problably a small lie, but he liked the little guy, and for some reason felt he had to protect him. He chuckled at his sudden compassion.

The Phantom flew towards the Arbiters flagship, The Prophets Blade, and since the UNSC didn't attempt to attack in space, they were not bothered by gunfire. As they landed, everyone on the craft jumped out and started walking to the bridge. Neerg was astounded by the size of the ship. The corridors they walked through glowed with a purple light.

They arrived at the bridge and the Arbiter positioned himself in the mid-center, Neerg followed him, and stood on his right side, and the Unggoy on Neergs right. He immediately noticed the absence of Unggoy, and no Jiralhane except for one, but that was to expect since the Brutes were generally stupid, but he could not see why the Jackals were there, but no Unggoy, since the Jackals were almost crazy. They had no respect, and it was unusual to have them on the bridge, they were thrown in the prison cells for most of the time by almost every commander in the Covenant fleet.

The Arbiter talked quietly with the Jiralhane, and after a few minutes of talking, the Brute departed towards the Hangar. The Arbiter walked away to his quarters, and Neerg stood alone on the bridge. He shouted a few orders to the crew, but overall stood quiet...
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