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Actually most of that is good old Norfolk talk, years ago we nearly had a completely different language going on.

Yon = The
Unto = Onto
Teetermatorter = Seesaw

So in English, here is a translation of what young Marius is saying;

Originally Posted by Translation of Marius' Ramblings View Post

Dear RoxStar

I am sorry to have to tell you this but it would seem that you are not yet qualified to post a thought of the day.

The reason I am saying you are not qualified is because you have not proven to Stream that you have the talent to speak in a language that would go completely against the Queen's proper English and be able to communicate successfully in the language that I have just mentioned which is not unlike the way in which I am currently speaking to you now.

Once you have proven that you can talk in the language required for this thread, you may indulge in riding the seesaw and post as many thoughts of the day as you see fit.

Fear not if I have confused the flying heck out of you as Stream, who happens to be a god, can successfully translate what the the hell it is I'm talking about.
I hope that clears things up for you.


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