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Possible Home Planet of Yoda

I know some of you are tired of people like me who have ideas about Yoda's species and home planet, but I have a theory that could possibly be canon.

Yoda's home world may be Brodo Asogi A.K.A. the Green Planet.

Brodo Asogi is the home world of the Children of the Green Planet (E.T.). The planet was first mentioned in the book Cloak of Deception. The Children A.K.A. E.T. were featured in TPM during one of the senate scenes.

In the movie E.T. while going out trick or treating as a ghost, the little alien had spotted a child wearing a Yoda mask. At first glance E.T. started to chase the child while saying "Home, home". The quote may be proof that Yoda was from E.T.'s home planet.

Since E.T.s species is canon in SW this could be a possibility. Yoda's species could have been from the same planet as the Children of the Green Planet due to my information given above.

The quote "Home, home" could also be referred to their home galaxy, in which case would completely debunk my theory.

Also the two species (Yoda's and E.T.'s) looks very much alike in the face. Because of this they could be closely related or one group of one species evolved into the other. This also could be why Yoda's species is very rare in the galaxy. All but a small few could have evolved into E.T.s.

This of corse is just my speculation! So what do you think?

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