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((Sorry, but the Master Chief was the first person to capture a Convenant ship and that happen's alot later. As such, your about to get owned, sorry. ))

A nearby Convenant ship burst to life and Ripa recognised it as the ship he had earlier thought destroyed. It registered that the Human's must be the pilot's in question and as such they were trying to steal Convenant technology. His flagship was at laest a hundred time's larger and faster than the ship in question, with it's system's alot more advanced that it as well.

"All batteries, open fire upon that ship!"

In truth it would only take one of the ship's highly advanced weapon batteries to destroy that ship in second's, but he preferred to ensure that there would be no survivor's. The engine's of the target ship exploded instantly, setting off a chain reaction across said ship. The Arbiter directed more and more weaponry to sweep the ship, from aft to bow, wasting no time in totalling the vessel. With second's the aft section of the ship was gone, incinerated by The Prophet's Blade.

"Unleash a salvo of missile's! Aim directly for the bridge!"

The projectile's struck home as the bridge seperated from the ship, it's hulking structure falling rapidly into Harvest's atmosphere. The structure disintegrated upon the entrance to the atmosphere, leaving the occupant's to fall and die . . .

"Send five Phantom's to the surface! Sweep the area; search and destroy."

A nearby Sangheili nodded and signalled for two of his kin to follow. They departed from the bridge swiftly, wasting no time in making for the hangar.

"I thought as much."

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