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Kendrick was congratulating the Marines when he looked out of the Bridge's main window.

"Damn.....they caught onto us..."

One of the Marines spoke up, "What? You mean you didn't think they were?"

"No, I just thought it would take them longer to notice that everything was working again."

He pointed to a Naval Officer who was standing in front of the navigational controls.

" it possible to get a course to to collide with one of the Covenant ships?"

The Naval Officer nodded, "Yes, Sergeant, that it is."

"Get it done, if this ship is going down, then we're taking them with it."

He looked to the other men,"The rest of you get to the Escape Modules or Hangar, anything that can get you down to Harvest in one piece. We can still fight them down there, the Covenant is dominant here in space."

The Marines and Naval Officers began running to whatever form of transportation. Kendrick looked to the Naval Officer, "You almost done?"

A few minutes later, "I'm done. Let's get out of here..."

Kendrick nodded and they both started running towards the hangar.

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