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"This time we will make a lasting impression upon the Human's, is that clear?!" the Arbiter said to Neerg.

"Of course, noble Arbiter," Neerg answered with a bow. As he looked out the viewports, he saw, to his astonishment, the "Divine Justice" coming to life, a ship he had thought destroyed.

"Humans," he muttered, and was about to tell the Arbiter, but he saw that Ripa had thought the same as he.

"All batteries open fire on that ship!" the Arbiter shouted, and the crew readied the batteries in a few seconds. For a few seconds everything was blue by the plasma tropedoes, but then Neerg saw the projectiles hit their target, and utterly divide it into small chunks. He grinned sadly at his ships destruction, but controlled himself and walked back to the mid part of the bridge.

Just as he positioned himself on the Arbiters right side, three Sangheilis raced off the bridge towards the hangar. Neerg looked over the crew, and called a red armored Sangheili to him.

"Open up a commlink to every ship on the Fleet," he said, and the Elite walked off to a nearby console. He nodded at Neerg when he was done.

"Ship Masters, and Fleet Masters," Neerg said. "Move your ships to their positions, and fast, every slacking commander will be fed to the Jackals in my prisoncells." His voice was emotionless, and very threatingly. He immediatley saw every ship moving towards their positions, at full speed.
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