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"You inserted your authority well. The Zealot's will respect you for it. Your order's for the meantime are to provide ample ground support and tactical feedback, whilst keeping our supply line's open. Intercept all and any incoming UNSC Vessel's and capture or destroy them, situation's varying. Any strong spot's in the Human's defensive chain and you are too directly assault them with Phantom's and Banshee's, coupled with the defense system's. I would also not worry about the ship's functioning or integrity all to much, as the system's have been proved invulnerable against all and any of their weaponry, even our own cannot scratch the surface."

He moved forward slightly, putting his palm against the viewscreen as flying limb's and blood sputtered the terrain beneath. Huge vehicle's were sent flying as three Wraith's provided artillery support for an advancing Grunt squadron. A Phantom dropped a second to the battle-field and proceeded to destroy a nearby outpost, allowing the squad's to form a defensive barrier against the counter-attack.

"Drop five Type-47 Super Heavy Weapon Platform's along with a supplement of infantry. Send down a few armor division's also, as to ensure success upon this front."

Ripa had read tactical report's upon the region before him, which contained a super-heavy base amid it's numerous ridge's. A single Scarab would be enough to defeat it, but the Arbiter's weapon was not his soldier's, nor vehicle's . . . it was to be fear. The Scarab's would allow the force's in the region to utterly annihalate and decimate the occupying Marine's, with minimum casualties. The Platform's he dropped were not standard issue, as he had made the Reactor and Leg's much less vulnerable.

Moment's later a UNSC fleet emerged from behind a nearby mountain, with thousand's of craft rising out of concealed hangar bay's. Prowler's emerged from cloak as they unloaded their payload of missile's upon the Blade, hoping to deter the vessel. Missile's and machine gun's unloaded all they had upon the collosal vessel, causing the shield to sputter up in reaction as small pool's of energy circulated to intercept the oncoming slaughter. Ripa's reaction was a laugh that would strike fear into the very heart of the stoutest Human.

"Show these fool's their error! Destroy the UNSC Fleet, destroy them all!"

He knew full well that the Human's had likely sent a huge portion of their fleet with this attack force, in a hope to destroy the Convenant's greatest asset. A wave of plasma spat out from every turret and cannon, sending the enemy craft in all direction's.

"Belay that order! Glass the entire section of this planet, now!"

A huge torrent of energy came down from the craft, striking into the ground and destroying all life wherever it touched. The energy wave flooded across the horizon, destroying every ship, every soldier, every life caught within. The debris fell from the sky, a few survivor's screaming in terror and agony, as they fled to whatever they could find. That wave was but a premise of the true weapon, as a small disc slid down the large cylinder bombarding the surface. As soon as the disk touched the ground the wave began renewed, burying everything in site under a pile of plasma, literally turning the surface to glass.

The Grunt squad's had evacuated before the sequence began, ensuring no Convenant casualties.

"Fleet Master, you have just witnessed our greatest victory upon Harvest . . . the UNSC fleet is no more . . . now victory is assured . . . they can only delay the now inevitable . . . the credit goes to you Fleet Master, you are the Conqueror of Harvest! All heil Neerg, great warrior of the Convenant!"

A cheer erupted from the bridge crew, as chanting began about the ship. All across the planet the war turned in the Convenant's favour and the chanting became audible across the entire globe. Every Convenant upon or near Harvest, was singing a song of victory, all in Neerg's name . . .

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