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The fact that the Battle of Harvest was won so easily startled Xan. He had foguht humans before and this by far was too pathetic for them. They had to be planning something but why would they give up Harvest so easily? He heard the cheer from inside the ship. He looked over to see the Arbiter and the rest of the crew cheering Neerg. The only time to rejoice is when you slaughter the enemy with your blade. Xan walked over to the group and waited for the singing to stop.

"I mean no disrespect but I feel the rejoicing here will be cut short. I have fought these humans before and they are much more cunning than the display down below. They would have put up a better fight on harvest if they wanted to protect it. I think they wanted us all in a cluster such as this so they could launch a counter invasion with their fleet and take back Harvest."
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