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Why don't we speak that way today? There had to be a reason for that.

As suggested by an earlier post, there are multiple dialects that come from the same language in different regions of the world. In most cases, there is a greater benefit to a greater simplicity in language than making it more complex. English has so many rules in grammar and spelling that it is often considered the most difficult language to learn from scratch.

It may not be as 'artistic' as Shakespeare, but I often find the greatest thought-provoking works to be those where the elements of literature are clearly defined. With a vivid description and interesting characters... those you can associate with... the reader would be able to determine what's important and what's not. If something wasn't important enough to be remembered, then logically it shouldn't be a prominent feature of a fiction.

If you are trying to convey a thought to the reader, then there should be no difficulty in allowing the reader to understand the elements of the story. If it's difficult to put yourself in the mind of a certain character, then it would be difficult to understand why s/he would take a certain action. In my fiction 'Shrouded in Darkness,' through a first person perspective; I usually go about stating the elements of the story around Yuthura Ban and ultimately piecing those elements with her thoughts/beliefs. That allows for the reader to know why she acted, or why she thought someone else acted as they did.

I often can't associate with Shakespeare's characters, so I can't understand why Romeo would fall in love under such unbelievable circumstances. In the course of a play, the little details are sorely lacking; but you then can't make a play less than a day long to associate and care for the characters.
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