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@ Ender: Depends on where you shoot the bear. Even black bears have pretty thick hides and skulls. Hit the wrong areas and someone else besides the bear will be sorry.

Empty a clip and yeah a wounded bear will die eventually.
Consider even if it runs away from you; until it has bled to death, other people will be in danger. It will be scared and even more dangerous to other people. That is if it doesn't first decide to just flat come after you instead wile you reload 'cuz it's now really pissed.

...not to mention all the hell in *any* case such a thing would catch from animal rights activists. I'm not talking the nice ones, either. The militant hypocrite wackos that would attack a cop who was just purging an area of a nuisance.

My point: you need something of significant power to kill it because conventional arms might only agitate it.

Though there probably are plenty of non-auto weapons to achieve that.

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
The difference is, full auto guns have limits and bans placed on them while single fire do not have as much. Assault Rifles are not controlled because they are guns; they are controlled because they are capable of full auto fire. In other words, "assault". And no, the ammunition capability is not kept down because of the ammo, but because of spray.

Now, if you can justify why a civilian would need a fully automatic assault rifle with a 30-60 round magazine then I'll be glad to hear you out.
Well, I'll try.

Occupational hazards...calling to mind today's (4/8/09) little piracy incident, there are also just plain citizens on international waters for trade and such.

Or territory where cops generally 'just don't go'. OH sure they can go wherever they want, but I'm talking about areas (what few there actually are in this country) where you "don't stop for nothin' or no one".

Or you go hunting polar bears because a 9mm ain't gonna do worth jack **** to a, what 10 ft. tall ~half ton monster. (Of course you could just use an elephant gun and blow its head off. )

Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
I have a sword under my bed.
HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHHH! YEEEA BOYEE! Now you're talking my language. What kind of blade arms you fancy?

If I have a home break-in, the intruder will wish I had a gun!
Amen there, bro.

Still, I prefer to have the option to purchase a firearm and not have that limited by gun-control.

I have no problem with controlling assault rifles -even the semi-auto kind;

or requiring that gun-owners be licensed and pass proficiency/safety tests in the same manner as a driver's license.
Fair enough.

I'm pretty sure law enforcement does scrutinize everyone and everything about everyone when applying. However I am now lead to believe state to state, it varies.

Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post
Don't we control guns already? I read somewhere that fully automatic weapons are forbidden unless they are registered and the register closed in 1986.
QFE. Not to drag it out: Yeah, we do. Also we control (albeit state to state) Blades (swords, knives, and all else inbetween), and "dangerous" electronic/electrical equipment requires (at the *bare* minimum) an affidavit...also an exhaustive background check (as of late) depending on *just what it is* that you are purchasing. Same is true for super high powered lasers (never mind you'd practically need a sub-station transformer to actually POWER the thing, or at least 3-phase power). Sure you can buy stuff here and there, but honestly, do you REALLY think the government doesn't watch the surplus equipment it sells?

Also, Green laser pointers: Relatively harmless, right? We-hell, If you have ever purchased one (prior to or since) a certain law was enacted (due to inconsiderate jackasses pointing at air pilots), your name is on a 'list'. So if you or anyone else ever shine it at planes or choppers, everyone owning a greenie in your town will get a knock at their door by the cops.

I don't think I have to tell you what happens to you for pointing it at a street cop.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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