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...oh please, people will find any reason or excuse to try to make sense of things or excuse them. While I totally agree with you on the general premise of not taking away constitutional rights, bottom line is if you take another's life in cold-blooded murder, you forfeit your own.

What did you have in mind for helping? To my knowledge we don't "institutionalize" any more those who are not bad enough to be in jail or prison but too repeatedly/hopelessly screwed up to ever carry on a normal productive life. Besides, I'd say we've come quite a long ways with counseling techniques to prevent crises.

I get the thought you are talking about individual crises that could be prevented (which I very much agree with, FTR); HOWEVER, you are applying it to the whole picture when that may not hold completely true across the entire board.

Have you ever dealt with ex convicts? I worked in a landscaping company (still do form time to time) that participated in an occupational rehabilitation program. I've dealt/worked with a few ex cons and these are NOT nice, or good, people. What prepared me for it is that I grew up constantly fighting with the types who push the limits and will test you at *every* possible chance they get. Basically as these types would have been as kids. Now, they are much more dangerous adults. They are in large part the type who are only sorry because they were caught. Many never change and will end up back in the system again. Some will change, and thank god for those, but it isn't easy. Others, victim of circumstance I suppose.

Even with armed guards and coordinating with law enforcement, you still have to watch yourself *and* the ex-cons; the guards can't see and/or stop everything. Watch out for coworkers' safety, too. Also, you NEVER NEVER NEVER turn your back on them, or become oblivious to their possible danger; you don't know if that guy is going for the shovel to dig with it, or to kill you with it when you least expect it.

Lastly, I ain't exactly thrilled about convicted killers sitting on death row for DECADES either, while our tax dollars pay for their room and board. If we don't eliminate the nasty dangerous people who refuse to change, what DO we do with them? They also now demand internet access and stuff because it is supposedly "a basic human right", btw. If you think it'll end there, think again.

--I think you get the point. We should try rehabilitating people and help them, but not to a detriment. FTR, I agree with that, but only to a point.
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