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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
I often can't associate with Shakespeare's characters, so I can't understand why Romeo would fall in love under such unbelievable circumstances. In the course of a play, the little details are sorely lacking; but you then can't make a play less than a day long to associate and care for the characters.
If you can't understand why Romeo could fall for Juliette, then you have never been truly in love.

Perhaps a more modern interpretation would be to your liking. Try West Side Story. SAME story. Then there's the love story from Lord of the Rings. but that's not all. It flows through with many other modern stories. The geeky kid and the head cheerleader. the Jock and the brainy girl. It is a story told time and again. Two lovers who's lives are seperated by forces other than their own making. Heck a case could even be made for Anakin and Padme. She's a politician, He's a Jedi sworn to cast off all attachments.

Oh and Jae, you're late on the Israeli/Palestinian story. I present to you the Oscar Winning West Bank Story

Parallels with life are all around you. I fell in love with a girl from a wealthy family. Her family absolutely hated anything to do with the military. While our story didn't end in mutual death(at least I hope not, since I still seem to be here), the basic premise of the story is the same.

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