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Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
Ehh, I'll concede that, but don't forget what Q said - it really doesn't take a lot of modification in order to get the AK you buy at a gun store to be fullauto. And thus, we have our problem. Criminals are more than willing do do a few illegal mods on their guns in order to have a full auto AK47._EW_
Actually, I said that it takes a lot of illegal modification, namely an entire, mil-spec upper receiver with bolt (the receiver is the mechanical heart of the gun) to convert a semi-auto AK-47 to full auto. These are, of course, illegal and hard to get, AFAIK. I wouldn't even want to think what happens to people who are even suspected of possessing this kind of hardware, but Waco comes to mind.

The alternative would require access to and expertise with machine tools to either modify the semi-auto upper receiver and bolt or to completely manufacture new ones. This would actually be the preferable method for any smart crook because as long as it could be done in complete privacy no one else would know about it.
Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Best companion you could have would be a WW2 M1 Carbine, my personal favorite semi-auto rifle.
An excellent choice. It's compact and very light-weight. Plus, it's a piece of history. Another great choice would be the Mini-14 and its derivatives.
Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
I like the M1, but... that whole *PING!!!* Dinner's ready! would be a drawback for me.
Avery's referring to the M1 carbine. It uses a regular detachable-box magazine.

What you're referring to is the M1 rifle, also known as the Garand. That it spits its clip out with a loud "ping" after firing the last round is not as big of a disadvantage as you would think. First, while it might alert the enemy that your rifle is now empty, it alerts you as well, so there's no time lost aiming and dry-firing an empty rifle. Second, as long as you have another clip handy you're golden, because that thing loads faster than any other infantry rifle that I know of. Just don't let the bolt crush your thumb.

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