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"The Master cannot see it, a troubling sign under such . . . pressing circumstance's. A swirling vortex, the voice cries 'feed me', all turn's dark . . . This masked figure, this great hunger, such raw power and fury . . . never have I seen hunger wielded under such a way, yet . . ."

His eye's flittered open, the pupil's vaguely red. A great presence of the dark side suddenly diminished within him, it's power fading. Sev faintly flicked his wrist, summoning whatever energy remained to diminish the creature's power over him.

"I felt it . . . so much hunger, so much pain . . . I felt it."

Without another word he slipped into darkness, falling back against the wall. His mind had been badly damaged, with his spirit wavering. His connection to the force was now weak, the critical link damaged by whatever beast saw fit to invade his mind, his body. He could still see through the force, escaping the confine's of his body and watching the event. He could see both Vtorym and Vrook, along with his now critical body.

Sev knew that he could not re-enter his body until he had been healed, made salvagable. He felt so think, so weak, as if the entire galaxy was crushing down on him, it's celestial might centered around one microscopic being. Thousand's of image's crossed his mind, each one afflicting him like a disease as it struck into it's place in his memory. He saw past, present and future as all the cosmos sped past him in a brilliant grandeur of light's and color's.

He shook the feeling off and moved over to his body, lifting the hood. His eye's were now a blood crimson, giving off some sort of . . . his spirit, mind and soul, was sucked back into the confine's of his body.

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