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- Upon The Hill of Grace -

I feel so lost,
I can't find my way.
What did it cost
for me to see this day?

I thought that I could,
I thought that I would,
be who you wanted me to be,
but I failed, and here I am now.

I'm just another one of God's children,
who's lost their way.
Can you ever forgive me,
for seeing through to this day?
Some say that Life will go on ...

I still remember what happened.
Like as if, it was yesterday.
I thought it was the end,
but what happened next, I can't say.

My dying breaths,
were salvation from death.
But as I tried to help you,
I realized that I couldn't even help myself.

I'm sorry that I couldn't do it,
I'm sorry that I failed.
I'm worried that you'll never forgive me,
even if I died and seen you in heaven ...
... Or hell.

What happens now?
When all the light has faded from my sky?
What happens now?
When everything I do is a failed try.
I just hope that I can finally be who you wanted me to be.

Some say that Life will go on,
some say, that my hollowness will fill in.
Some say, that the hurt that I feel will heal.
Some say, but some say, that it will never feel real.

I stand here now,
on the cliff to see the truth.
As I reach out to you, the wind pushes me back.

I wonder how,
if my pained memory will ever be soothed,
but as I cry ... I will to gain back what I lack.

I feel so lost,
I can't find my way.
What did it cost,
for me to see this day?

I'm waiting,
I'm breathing,
I'm hoping that this day will finally end!

Tell me the truth.
Can I ever find happiness again?
Please tell me now,
that this isn't really the end.

I trust you,
I love you,
I see you....

... But I'm content to hate myself.

I don't want to die.
I just want to lie here.
And look to the sky,
and dream of what is to come.

Please forgive me.
I'm sorry.........

I felt so lost,
I couldnt find my way...

Until now...

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