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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
But when the good-guys take office (and Obama *is* the good-guy), suddenly all faults are noticed and bitched about?
Sorry, man, the bit about BO=good guy too rich to pass up. Probably for the reason that paybacks are a bitch.

What I did, admittedly, was begin with a conclusion that republicans/conservatives are dicks and tailored a google search just for that. I started with a pre-conceived conclusion and only sought that data which are supportive, which I displayed here. The truth is, politicians -in general- are dicks. They'll take advantage of their constituents whenever and wherever they can. There's no more or less reporting or interest in their behavior by the so-called "liberal media" (whatever that means -I suppose "that media which isn't Faux News").
Do you really mean to suggest that you believe there is ONLY bias at "right-wing" news sources?

So the real question is, why do democrats and republicans / liberals and conservatives only notice the wrong-doings of their counter-parts? Why are voters and would-be pundits so willing to overlook the indecency, immorality, and irrationality of the the party they're more likely to vote for?

This is an illogical and irrational way to manage the government that is under the power of the people, but the answer, in my opinion, is that many (if not most) people lack critical thinking skills.
On this we are basically in agreement.

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