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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Avery's referring to the M1 carbine. It uses a regular detachable-box magazine.

What you're referring to is the M1 rifle, also known as the Garand. That it spits its clip out with a loud "ping" after firing the last round is not as big of a disadvantage as you would think. First, while it might alert the enemy that your rifle is now empty, it alerts you as well, so there's no time lost aiming and dry-firing an empty rifle. Second, as long as you have another clip handy you're golden, because that thing loads faster than any other infantry rifle that I know of. Just don't let the bolt crush your thumb.
Whoops! My bad, You are right. I was thinking of the Garand. Personal preference would be the M1 in either form over the crappy M16 any day. Better range, and stopping power. And especially against zombies haha. Of course all 3 can have a silencer added. M16 gains some ground for the same reason the Army justified it.. lighter rounds means you can carry more rounds.

Interesting story about the M1 Garand. During WWII many outfits that were carrying the Garand would carry an extra clip. They would fire a few rounds, then toss the spare. When the enemy would poke his head up to fire(thinking the GI had to reload) Bang.

Oh and TA, I'd rather be able to go out and purchase them legally. I have the contacts to purchase them illegally. Heck if I had an extra 6000, I could even get a rocket launcher(single shot... not a good investment in my eyes... plus what good would that be on Z-Day). The problem is that law abiding citizens can't get what criminals can get.

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