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Tommycat--make sure to get the official patch. There are game-stopping bugs otherwise. That game is phenomenal, and it's my favorite second only to the Kotor games. There are some great fan-made patches too--check those out once you get through your first or second playthrough. Use dementation whenever you have the opportunity in conversation--some of those conversations are hilarious.

leXX--I picked up the Professor Layton game--I'm going to play that one after I play through GTA: Chinatown Wars that I picked up along with the DS a couple weeks back.

My kids and I are playing Rock Band 2 and we are just having a total Blast with it. I actually practiced some of our favorite songs in hard mode before they got home from school yesterday. They were absolutely ecstatic that I'd d/l'd the Spongebob songs, so of course we had to play those. Point Man laughs when we sing Eye of the Tiger and Hello There at the top of our lungs.

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