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You murder in cold blood, frankly, if it were up to me I'd just whip out my gun and blow your head off. However, I suppose if he was young enough, they ought to try rehabbing him. However it should take a long time, plus he's gotta mean it.

Those that repeatedly show to never change should never be released.

I have dealt with those promising to change. Those going through "rehab". Part of that is vocational training. I worked in a landscaping biz for a bit of time (in fact I occasionally still do come back to it--work is work), while the government contracted with them to train and 'rehab' a handfull of ex cons. Hard to tell if these particular fellows meant well, but to be on the safe side I'd assume not. Not the type you take casually, either.

I do hate how some prisons are run more like a business, though. And I do believe that is one of the primary reasons we don't execute death row prisoners. Could just be my opinion though.
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