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Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
One of my favorites, it enables me to watch TV over the laptop with the USB-DVB stick on all other computers all over my network.
There are a huge amount of linux based HTPC optiosn there, so many it gives me headache to think of the number I personally like Elise Mediacenter, but theyre all variations on a theme of course. For those looking to achieve the same thing on a windows based system...

If you have Vista Home Premium or Ultimate, it has the Media Center applet built in. There is an XP Media Center edition, which is still used by some, but no longer officially supported. If youre in XP, best use Media Portal, which is OSource project. Finally there is the Windows 7 beta. 7077 is the most recent[leaked] build, and Release Candidate 1 is around the corner. Ive been HTPCing since 2006 and Im mightily impressed with win7. Some bemoan no native bluray, but apart from that, it is very user friendly, and with Astro's own custom black/transperent themes, looks much prettier than the cruddy default blue. There are many cool themes available for media portal, and (some) variations of the Linux options(Elise MC looks great)


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