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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
I do hate how some prisons are run more like a business, though. And I do believe that is one of the primary reasons we don't execute death row prisoners. Could just be my opinion though.
Well there is an issue with overcrowded prisons vs. the death penalty. The cost of capital punishment... in terms of dollars is WAY too high to make sense on a massive scale. That is a flaw in the justice system and not my first solution to deal with life sentence without parole.

When you have inmates working, they have incentive to cut their sentence for each day they provide community service. When you condemn someone to life in prison without any hope of parole, you might as well pay the millions to legally execute someone because they would forever be a weight on the economy. Those who have some incentive to work would be able to pay for themselves at the very least through what they generate, but those who have nothing to gain wouldn't have reason to do this.

I guess my main issue is the severity of the sentence for murder essentially condemning a teen long before he even became an adult. If serial killers can manage to get the possibility for parole, then why not Lotts? If Lotts doesn't get that option, then why would older serial killers have much more hope of rehabilitation?
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