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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
Tommycat--make sure to get the official patch. There are game-stopping bugs otherwise. That game is phenomenal, and it's my favorite second only to the Kotor games. There are some great fan-made patches too--check those out once you get through your first or second playthrough. Use dementation whenever you have the opportunity in conversation--some of those conversations are hilarious.
Oh I'm loving those conversations. I find myself giggling every oportunity I have to talk to someone. It's made me hunt around for more people to talk to haha. Actually it was kinda on your recommendations(from the Lucascast) as your gaming seems to match more closely with mine.

I actually wasn't surprised at all by the two daughters of Janus Therese and Jeanette. It was obvious from when I first met them. I just finished the ship part. So far, I think I like playing a Malkavian... the response for Did you see anything strange when you see Lacriox was identical to what I said(before I saw the responses), "I see dead people" and of course one of my favorite quotes(thus far) "Death is not as peaceful as I had hoped"

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