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Originally Posted by Jedi_Man View Post
Also, slightly off topic since you were getting at the severity of punishments, If a little kid touches you inappropriately, you get charged. IF you just sit outside a room that your friends are robbing, you get tried for it, and if you just walk away without saying anything, its assumed that you are giving consent to it.
Being tried for a crime and being convicted of a crime are two different things. Lots of people get tried for crimes they didn't commit and many of them are found innocent of them. On the same note, some people are tried for crimes they did commit and found innocent.

In the particular situation with the "innocent joe" outside a robbery, is that if your friends are robbing a place, and you just "happen" to be outside, you're probably not that innocent. I had a friend who got like, 2 or 3 years of probation for getting drunk and then ending up being the driver while his friends robbed a store.

What was the lesson? Don't get flat ass drunk and do stupid stuff, or drive.

As for a kid touching you, that's kinda a stretch, as it depends on the way a person feels about their child doing that. If a kid starts punching you in the nuts for no reason, even if the parent presses charges, it's unlikely anything will happen. If a kid randomly slaps your ass, it'll probably blow over with no charges or anything.

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