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Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick batman...

This is what I get for smokin a bowl and doing random google searches and there are even new posts!? This is almost as disturbing as finding Dragonfire's family shots with someone wearing bib overalls sans shirt (yes I did find that and my mind is still trying to cope).

Gaming past?
I bounced around games since the death of the zone. Started playing EQ with Cowb0y and then started playin SWG with Pyreus and Cowb0y and went back and forth until EQ finally died (IMO) to play SWG. Played that for a while mainly goofing off until the NGE hit, quit for a while and then came back once classes were a bit more established to PVP!

Now I play WoW because SWG and EQ are dead and EQ2 and the rest of them suck.

Real Life?
While it is hard to stomach that we played MotS and JK 10 years ago, yes 10 ****ing years, and I was only 18/19 at the time I am now a Graphic Artist for the City of Chicago and quite comfortable here. I still smoke the occasional bowl (Hey suffo!@@ 3 2 1 ... GOOOOOO) and I still say Bud Ice is the worst thing invented by man and only retarded redneck people in California drink it (This means you neeeko).

Contact info:
Catch me on Cenarius in WOW as Ledef or Confed
I still do open up ICQ on occasion even if it is to laugh when I see Rage AFK for the 928372103897129837 day in a row.

For the super cool email me and I will give you the info to the Batcave (The vent where Pyreus Cowb0y and myself hang out with other WoW / SWG folk.)
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