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Originally Posted by maverick187 View Post
I usually buy a boxed copy, and keep it shrink wrapped, and then procure a digital copy as well... in one way or another....
I prefer this method too, I got a small scratch on my Fallout 3 disk, if I didn't "aquire" a second copy I would be in pain right now.

It's prefer the boxes, direct downloads are subject to the venders competence, I prefer the boxed disks anyday.

I think the reason why things like Onlive are getting so popular is because of pirates, it's often much easier to pirate something than to suffer the consequences of DRM. Which can be crippling. I've heard stories of people having their CD burners completely disabled just because they installed Spore.

I'm not much of a PC fan, mainly because of having to suffer the adverse effects of wanting to use a laptop rather than a desktop.

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