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Originally Posted by Ray Jones View Post
...I know I can buy
...but I didn't want to,
...because I had everything
...And I know very well
...All that I want..
So many "I's ! Heavens, Ray this isnt a blog page!

We have both provided a great range of information on windows, Linux and even Apple options for watching multimedia, in a variety of contexts. This is the purpose of this thread. Anything else, is particularly irrelevant.

If you want to write a guide about linux based htpc or streaming server/client setup, it would be a wonderful resource to have here for those interested. Alternately, if you want to do a more detailed focus/showcase thread on your setup, stating your personal preferences, that would be great too. That would be a more appropriate place for such discussion.

* * *

OT: Back to the apps.

There are a bunch of desktop management proggies out there, turning your desktop into cubes and what not. Here's a newer one for PC called Bumptop, that sets up your desktop to look like a room essentially. You can pin stuff to walls, flip around, pile things up. Perfect for you that want to have ALL your icons on once screen in front of you as opposed to flipping through various virtual desktops. It is optimised for touchscreen and tablet pcs, and also has multitouch capability, but you can use it with a plain ole mouse of course too. Sys reqs are pretty low, I run it on a 4yo tablet with geforce4 32mb There's a free version available, see the linkied article for download link and demo video


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