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And what did I reply to that question:

"Yes, of course. It is observable. Why wouldn't I believe that it exists?"

Did you answer my question? Did you make any attempt to follow up your argument in any way?

Asking a question and addressing a point are not the same thing. Offering up multiple premises and thinking that acknowledgment of one validates the others or somehow makes your point is not forming an argument.

Nothing you've offered shows that love existing supports your point (aside from saying that it does). What you have offered are a number of false premises leading to a flawed conclusion which is supposed to act as some sort of false analogy which I think was supposed to validate theism...or something.

P.S. You've wormed your way around every attempt I've made to nail you down to a position in this topic. If you don't intend on actually debating your topic, then please excuse yourself from this thread. Thanks in advance.
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