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Master Vrook glared at Vtorym, making her snap to uneasy attention.

"So, you wish to go on this mission to find whatever is threatening us?" Against her better judgment, the Jedi Knight nodded. "Come with me."

Instead of leading his student to the Training Room, or even to his private quarters, he led her to the Council Chamber itself. Vtorym was puzzled. What in space was going on? Was he going to discipline her, and if so, for what?

"What is your relationship with Jacob Marek?" he asked, sitting in a tall chair.

"He is my fellow student, and a Knight," replied the girl carefully. "He and I have been close friends ever since we began studying at the Temple, and we share a connection through the Force. It is not as strong as a Force bond between Master and student, but it is strong enough for us to let each other know how we're feeling, or warn each other of approaching danger," she explained. "If I go on this mission, I humbly request that he go along with me."

"You mean us?" asked Master Vrook. Vtorym nodded a little too hastily.

"I have confidence in your abilities, Knight V'stalt," he said, "but what I doubt is your willingness to forsake your emotions, your passions. Are you sure you're not lying to me about yourself, or Marek?" Vtorym shook her head.

"It is as I thought," said her Master, tossing Vtorym her double-bladed silver staff. "If you're going with us, you must fight," he said. "Skorost'! Now!"
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