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Originally Posted by Drunkside View Post
And a lethal injection... well that would have been too merciful, i mean no one is really going to suffer from the injection. Its just a sting and a bye bye.
I don't see why we need to make criminals suffer during death sentences when they are eventually going to die any way. Capital punishment is exercised to rid society of that individual. If he is getting out of the way, I don't think we need to take an eye for an eye.

On a similar note, I find it difficult to call life imprisonment a proper punishment (not just in this case, but in any scenario). The reason is, by permanently locking up an individual in prison, you isolate him from society. On the society's side, that's equivalent to execution. On the criminal's side, his life is pretty much over regardless. Sure he'll "live to regret" and "suffer" and all that, but it all eventually ends up as sustaining criminals for ethics' sake. They could be dead now and a lot of tax money could be saved.

Possibly off-topic post, and potential for spiralling into capital punishment/life imprisonment thread.

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