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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
And you completely ignored the fact I pointed out that the Egyptians had a tendency to destroy records if it was stuff they wanted to bury, look at what all they destroyed that recorded the existence of whom Tutanakamen. (sp?)
You clearly didn't read my whole post. You're making yourself look silly.

I could say the same to you, because you've spewed just as much ideological rhetoric, an atheist can be an ideologue just as much as a religious person can be.
You could try to say the same. But saying something doesn't necessarily make it so. What, specifically, do you claim of my statements is "ideological rhetoric?" It looks more as if you are simply projecting.

To throw it back in your face the experts said the sound barrier could never be broken, and it was broken. There are some unusual things that have happened in history.
An argument from ignorance. Yet another logical fallacy in your attempts to participate in a discussion. You're clearly interested only in rhetoric and not discussion. Again, I've provided some very lengthy and thought-filled posts on several points -yours included. All I get in return is, "oh, yeah!?"

Why is it that supposedly Atheists have a higher incidence of depression?
This is a red herring. Please start a new thread on this assertion and we'll debate it. You should begin by citing a peer-reviewed source that states this so we can have primary source(s) to work with. In this thread, however, its off-topic. I can appreciate this is perhaps a typical tactic for you, but it won't work here. Either participate in intelligent discourse or stick to your ideological rhetoric in your political threads.

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