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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
That's a legitimate question in my opinion.
Good to see I'm getting somewhere.

My answer would be: how is a bad argument okay? If believing Elvis is alive and well but in hiding on the International Space Station provides someone with comfort, I say good for them. As long as they aren't willing to set public policy or demanding others to accept their Elvis beliefs, they're fine believing whatever they like. I'll make them a peanut-butter and banana sandwich.
Uhh, well, okay.

I guess I had in mind more situations that seem a bit desparate or destitute.
Like dire conditions which one had strong chances of might not surviving and thus required the person or persons to "hold on". While one could argue that this is more of train of thought than theism, I have seen indiscriminant spiritualists (specifically of the martial arts variety) who would say that it is a good way to think of things if it helps to achieve it.

In short, something that gets them through.

But if your suggesting that the only thing keeping someone from "going postal" is a belief in the supernatural, I'd tell you this is a fuse that's burning regardless. How many people go "postal" each year who think their god whispered instructions in their ear?
I guess to shape things a bit, it would require a person that was sane to begin with. So, similarly to above, "getting through it" but on a more constant basis as opposed to a dire situation. Like in a constantly stressful job where walking away isn't a viable solution. In other words "someone's gotta do it" as it were. It would be that of a cleansing or mantra ...of sorts... Not a mere stress relief, mind you. But done in regiments much more regularly than the above example.

If people don't care enough to intellectualize, and they have a belief system keeping them good and away from underhanded behavior (or just flat going on a rampage)...why screw up a good thing bashing it? There is no reason to. (Though I see you do seem to have indicated a ...reasonable compromise)

Don't know if you'd count it as a good reason, though. A social engineer might for the reason of stability.

However, if the person is already bat-****, I don't know of any real solution to that problem. It begs several humanitarian issues I'm not entirely sure relate to this thread.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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