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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
I'll take a slightly different tack. I don't think there are probably any bad reasons for believing in a God/gods for the same reason you woudln't bother the Elvis accolyte. Since it can't be proven (yet) that God doesn't exist, afterall we are only human and not omniscient, there's nothing wrong with believing in something. I would agree, however, that unequivocally stating that God exists and you have proof, but you can't provide it for whatever reason, would give people fertile ground for calling you irrational. Also, I'm no more fond than you of theocracies.
I think there are a few bad reasons. 1) I can't see or observe god so hes no better than the invisible giant green lawn gnomes trying to steal my TV. 2) There are perfectly rational theories on how this world came to be without a god. 3) If there was a God, and he did create us and the universe, when did he his creations stop? When did the miracles stop? When did the signs stop? Those are just a few "bad" reasons off the top of my head.
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