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Vote for MI for best game ever

Over at they are holding a Best game ever contest and MI 1 is in and you can vote for it now on the main page in the round its in its up against Mario Bros 3, Sim City and Tecmo Super Bowl.

Its currently in 2nd with 10% of the votes, Mario Bros 3 in lead with 74% but MI can still go into the next round as the runner up.

Heres some details on this contest;

Five years ago, the users of GameFAQs declared Final Fantasy VII the Best. Game. Ever. Is it still the best ever today, or have time and the latest generation of consoles changed all that?

The users of GameFAQs have nominated 128 of the best video games of all time, and it's time to let them battle it out. Starting April 7th, the 128-game winner-take-all tournament will begin. Using the Poll of the Day to decide, the most popular game will take the title of the Best. Game. Ever.

This time, the game battle is an all-out melee: Each day of the poll, four games will battle it out, and the top two games will move on in the bracket.

Your mission is simple: Choose which two games will survive each day's battle, in order. Fill out your best guess at how the final brackets will turn out, and win a prize. Don't forget: This is not a contest to see which game is your favorite, or even which one is the best rated. It's all a big popularity contest, and visitors who have never visited GameFAQs before will be sure to stop in and vote.

For each of the 63 battles, pick the first and second place games which will move on from each day's poll in order of finish. For the first round of 32 polls, picking each one of the correct games to move on from that day's poll will score two points each for the correct order, and one point for the wrong order (i.e. picking the first place game to finish second or vice versa). For each successive round, picking the winners will earn double the points of the round before (Round 2: 4/2 points, Division Final: 8/4 points, Quarter-Finals: 16/8 points, Semi-final: 32/16 points, Final: 64/32 points). The sum of all points earned is your final score.

A valid GameFAQs account is required to create a bracket, and in order to be eligible for the prizes, you must provide your real name and address. Once you fill out your bracket initially, you can make as many changes as you like, but you can only enter for prizes once per household or Internet connection, so if you share your connection with others, make sure only one of you enters a prizes-eligible bracket. Due to legal restrictions, only residents of the US and Canada may enter the contest for prizes, but anyone with an account may enter a bracket (or more than one) for fun and bragging rights. You may enter as many times with a "Fun Entry" as you like, but only one "Contest Entry" will be permitted.

Remember: This is a popularity contest, and nothing more. While we do make every effort to stop individuals from voting numerous times without restricting anyone from voting that wants to legitimately, outside forces can and will attempt to push the vote for their favorite. As in the past, we reserve the right intervene in the daily tally when there is a clear evidence of mass voting fraud, and we will also take action against any users (especially contest entrants) who attempt to vote multiple times. Take all of the above into the account when filling out your bracket!

The contest prizes:

* First Place: $500 online gift certificate
* Second and Third Place: $250 online gift certificate
* Fourth and Fifth Place: $100 online gift certificate
* Sixth-Tenth Places: $50 online gift certificate

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