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Originally Posted by Kyp Dooran View Post
I think there are a few bad reasons. 1) I can't see or observe god so hes no better than the invisible giant green lawn gnomes trying to steal my TV. 2) There are perfectly rational theories on how this world came to be without a god. 3) If there was a God, and he did create us and the universe, when did he his creations stop? When did the miracles stop? When did the signs stop? Those are just a few "bad" reasons off the top of my head.
As I said, since God's existence can't yet be disproven, there really are no bad reasons for believing in such an entity. It's what you do with that belief that becomes grounds for examining the beliefs you have ABOUT that entity. If believing in a supernatural entity doesn't lead to arguably psychotic behavior ("..god told me to rob the liquor store and kill everyone there"), and allows you to escape depression about what happens when you die (much like in Skin's Elvis example), big deal. If you are looking for empirical evidence of the almighty......I don't envy you your search.

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