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Originally Posted by Coolprogram View Post
I'm not much for this kind of discussion, but I figured I would post my to cents. I in fact believe in God, which is weird because I am a Skeptic... weird right? Anyway, as totenkopf said, there is nothing that can disprove God's existence. (But then again there is nothing to prove it, other than "faith".) Also, if there is no God, then how did we become into being? What caused the universe? What caused the big bang? How did molecules come into existence? These are complex and not very easily answered questions, but as everyone knows, we need a reason for something. I have a reason for posting this, I have a reason to own a computer, I have a reason to live. (Not stating that I know all the mysteries of life or the meaning of life.) So, I would say God created everything, because most people whom do not believe in God say something can't be created out of nothing, but Christians, as myself, believe that God was never created, He just "is."
So for one concept you say "it just is," and for the next you turn around and say "where did the molecules come into question?" That seems hypocritical as it seems anything outside of God needs an explanation, but as soon as we get close to God, no no he just is.
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