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When you sound some of the words out, it helps us understand why we spell things the way we do today. There were a few words from Beowulf and other very early English writers that look very strange until you sound them out--then I could see the pattern develop that turned it into the modern equivalent. I was able to apply those pattern to similar words, and it helped with spelling.
If that is how Shakespare is taught in schools ( I have no experience with the american school system, and what I have of the British commes from my stay in South Africa), I have no problem with it. My experience however is that it doesen't happen, at least not in the Norwegian/South African system.

I think issues of life and death are rather relevant for all of us at some point, don't you?
Yes, but I prefer to deal with those through research, if Shakespare is usefull to some in that situation, give them pointers.

Shakespeare conveys a lot of insight on humanity in some very interesting plays and poetry.He's done it better than many other writers.
Agreed, though this effect is a bit reduced by his own succes, there are so much "plagiarized" from his work that most students have got much of the insight long before they are taught Shakespare.
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