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The Amazing JK Enhanced

I am just starting to play thru JK fully with JKE and am amazed at the great quality improvement, it is a stunning and beautiful work and really enhances the game tremendously. I really appreciate the hard work that went into this and this brings JK up to the Enhanced Gold Standard of a number of similar enhancement efforts for other SW games and is a wonderful achievment. Shred did an amazing work with this. Credits at end of this post..and linkeys in case you dont have this amazing enhancement yet.

It is great to see how these classic games continue to evolve and retain their fine qualities.

the improved textures and the great level design and lighting make this a wonderful visual experince as well as a great journey in the SW saga...

the lighting and the surprises really make the progression of the game great, and the vast improvement of the visuals is wonderful...

the compliation and selection of enhanced textures is just right for the settings and the scenes they are selected for...

and the many varied environments make the game continually surprising and fun....

and the improved models make the game itself fit more with the excellent cut scenes and in game vids... a great job on this enhancement indeed.

along with the Tie Figher Total Conversion, the X Wing Alliance U project, the Team Gizka soon to be released restoration of KoTOR II and the combined work of X Wing Redux and the currently active project to translate XWR into english, and the great DF Mod into JKA the entire series is alive and evolving in great ways.



Don (Shred) Robb - The hundreds of models, textures, and sprites. Me so crazy!
CaptBewil - The R2D2, and the civilian R2 models.

Emon - For the Blaster Fire models.
Descent_pilot - The power boost model, and the Moldy Crow model.

The contributors at for the vehicle models, including:
Decoy - For the tie bomber model
Darksaber - For the Lamda class shuttle

Hell Raiser - For converting the xwa models to 3do
Sige and ZeqMacaw - For patching JK till it works!

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