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Skin, the god you are talking about is the Jewish god. Which as pointed out by a comedian(dangit what's his name...) that god was a jerk. The New Testament god is a loving kinder gentler god, full of compassion love and benevolence. It's no wonder many people would prefer the new god. He's so much nicer.

Seriously though, if you are looking for a reason to believe in a god or gods(at all, not just the Christian god), the best answer I can give you is it takes some of the burden of life off of you. People with faith are generally more accepting of life's problems and more willing to work their way through the negative things that happen in life. It makes you feel better about bad things when you believe that God has a plan, or God will never close a door without opening a window(seems silly to me living in the desert haha... That lets the AC out). Sometimes just believing in something higher than yourself is enough to keep you going through hard times.

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