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Why should I care about a fetus?

I'm going to be the one to ask this question, but:

Am I the only one who could really care less about a bunch of eggs when we have 6 billion people on this planet thats placing many areas into overpopulation, plenty of children in adoption, and plenty more being left on the side of roads (say, China)?

Maybe I'm just unnaturally uncaring, but I've yet to have the revelation as to why an egg and even a fetus is so wholly important. Do people really care about the actual life, or is it just some DNA imprint that tells us to go "aww" when we see a baby?

Because, honestly, from my own experience with people we seem to have this attachment to something that isn't born while completely ignoring most that are alive, and probably just ignoring them after.

Like, Octo-mom for instance. Tons of people got indignant when abortion was mentioned to get rid of some of the babies to give the rest a better chance, but I've seen some of those same people turn around and get angry now that the tax dollars have to pay for those 8 kids now that they are here even though it was quite obvious beforehand that's how it was going to end up.

Maybe I'm just the only one being honest here or I'm just overly apathetic, but either way I could care less. I can honestly say that I cannot feel empathy for every person on this planet, and if I cannot do good on every one of them I don't see why I should give a damn about some eggs sitting in a fertility clinic.

Hell, why should I even care about a fetus? It is just going to grow into another human, and I'll admit right here that I am pretty apathetic towards other people.

Does anyone have an answer for me? I am not religious and do not fear any god or anything in a possible afterlife so a religious answer is not going to really cut it for me.

Should I feel some moral obligation to them? When I see/hear "fetus", should I just get this happy feeling in my stomach or something?

Or, rather, should I be dishonest with myself and pretend I care about them when I can honestly say there are people alive today I hate, couldn't care less about, and could not empathize with without extensive experiences?

So, I'd like an honest answer as to why I should care or why I'm wrong in not caring. My indecision on whether it is "good" or not to think the way I do has been bugging me.

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