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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
Complete bollocks. There's no anti-semitism here. The offended Israelies would first need to demonstrate that these mythical characters existed to have any rational complaint to begin and that the comparisson is unfounded to round their complaint out.
You insult their faith and compare people in their religious texts to Hitler, and they don't have the right to be insulted. And I'm not saying they'd just file a complaint, I'm saying they'd probably sue Lucasforums and/or the server that hosts Lucasforums.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
In the first place, there's little likelihood that these fictional characters can be shown to be real; in the second place, if they were real, then a casual look at the texts that modern Israelies so irrational hold to would reveal an evil, murderous set of genocides and democides.
It's more likely than you realize, because the Israelites did have a written language during the time of King David, the book of Kings.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
Moses, David, Joshua et al are the worst possible role models for humanity and we might as well choose Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot.
There you go again.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
Finally, the Lucas Forums is in absolutely no danger of law suit and this is your simple objection to anyone criticizing a superstition which you hold to be true to the point of delusion (apparently). QED.
I've seen another place get sued for something like this, (didn't have to do with religion in that case, but it's certainly similar) whether or not they'd win is anyone's guess but I guarentee you if Newsweek had made a commentary like what you have about the Jewish Faith they'd be looking at a lawsuit, and it could end up that this place ends up getting sued.
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