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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Ok, how's that for a serious topic. In light of the recent events re the Maersk Alabama, piracy has (at least temporarily) regained the spotlight. So the purpose of this is twofold.

1)How do you feel/what do you think about the way this crisis was handled?
(and what the hell does Hilary mean exactly by "21st century solution"?)
Well, it seems there are only two options; a) You inflict such high casualties on the pirates they stop (it is of course debatable as to if this will actually work) or b) you find them some other means of making a living (stabilising Somalia, may well be necessary to achieve the latter)

Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
2)What do you think should be the future response to this problem? Arm merchant ships? Etc...?
A mixture of the two above, there should be a blanket no negotiation strategy, and not give the pirates any money for taking hostages (also I'd recommend a zero tolerance on any pirates who execute hostages - they kill a hostage, and you kill them all, when the opportunity arrives) . In hand with this, stabilising Somalia, and giving the pirates an alternative means of making money I think is the way to go. The military should respond to all hostage situations in the way the French handled their problem earlier this week. - My 2 cents.

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