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Hey everyone!

Ont the mod itself, can't believe it's still going, to be honest. Usually, when I see a project like this, I just ignore it. And, honestly, that's what I did with this one as well. Wrongly so, it seems. Had to catch up on a few pages to see all the awesome stuff that's happening. Keep it up, guys.
Thanks for the support

This will be quick update.

I am done with building the planets and placing main/secondary as well as most minor npcs.

I'm well into the Next Phase which is the Quest Content and Side Quest Phase. This is where I make the game work/playable. This includes party member dialogues, Scripting, Journal entries, Global datapads, Merchants, Light Saber Creation System, basically the Mod is brought to Life. This Phase will take 2-3 weeks.

Post Production
Once that Phase is complete, the Next Phase will be making sure all dialogues are in game as well as fine tuning them, adding alien VOs, lips, Bink movies finished, and the beginning of prep for Human VOs.

The Balancing Phase will be were I remove and add containers with items, test out game play and flow, balance the Light saber Creation System, fine tune game play.

I don't have the video uploaded, but here is a screen shot....from a future bink video. This is a shot from one of the wrecked ships that float around Malachor V (vr1- one piece; vr2 -planet broken up into many)



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