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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
I have not contacted Quanon or anyone on the topic of new areas/modules,..yet. There will be no new ones in the Demo but...I'm running through some ideas for a few in the final release....most likely they will be for major and final scenes in the game.
Well just like Miltiades I was in doubt a mod project as this would fly so far.

That's why if you asked somewhere in the beginning, when this started if I would wanted to join: I would had to say no.

But it looks like I was wrong, dead wrong.
I check the thread now and then, pleased to see your team
is doing a great job.

Very organized

Anyway, if you think you need a new module or some special area, drop me PM later on.
Can't really help right now, caught up in my own modding and school work

Plus my contribution to BoS:SR was just 4 areas, none to big, certainly not a full new planet.

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