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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post

Also, what does "don't have the right to be insulted" even mean? I'll call them anything I want anytime I want and if they have a problem with it... oh well!

Even if they did, they have no case. Go blow hot air somewhere else.
In this case they do because at least in the United States they are a minority, then you throw in the Holocaust and it could be argued that there is an attempt to incite hate crimes against Jewish people here.

You people compare figures from their religious texts to the monster that tried to exterminate all of them, and you're saying they shouldn't feel as though you're insulting them putting it mildly?!?!

Originally Posted by True_Avery
You don't address the point.

Just because it was written does not mean it is true. Its like someone uncovering a Harry Potter book in a thousand years and claiming it to be true; just because Harry has a name and a story about him does not mean he ever existed.
Actually, considering parts of the Old Testament were written in the time period in which they are referring to (such as the Book of Kings), it's highly likely that King David existed. There is further evidence due to the Temple Mound, that his son Solomon also was a real person. Remember, I earlier pointed out that they had a written language during that time-period.

Originally Posted by True_Avery
Umm, no. This is the internet. More specifically, a forum.

And I don't know if you are threatening us or not, but I could care less what would happen to Newsweek as this is a public forum, and the speech rules are made by those in charge. Your comparison means nothing.
Actually it is a valid comparison because the home server and the administrators are largely located in North America and Europe. Since this place also has to do with Lucas Arts, it would give Lucas Arts a black-eye from a publicity standpoint.

I'm not making threats, I'm pointing out that if a Jewish person wandered into this thread, this place could end up being sued.

Originally Posted by True_Avery
Moses and David were the Hitler's of their day, and Hitler used the Bible to justify the killing of Jews.
Again, you post highly inflammatory commentary here, it wouldn't be you necessarily that would be sued, it would be the admin team. I'm not Jewish so I couldn't make the lawsuit, but I imagine there are a few members here that are, and I'm advising that you stop before this place ends up in a lot of trouble.

Originally Posted by True_Avery
Go ahead and report us to these so called communities if you must, but drop the BS and threats. Its spam.
I'm not threatening, I'm informing that the comments being made by SkinWalker and yourself are way out of line. I am pointing out that if it keeps up, odds are this place will get a lot of unwanted negative publicity for starters and could end up with the reputation as being the gathering place for anti-semites (sp?) at the very least. It's entirely possible this place cound end up in a lawsuit.
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