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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
There is cellular function isn't there, the cells take in nutrients and expell waste, they grow and divide, that sounds like life to me.
A biological process, through a dynamic interaction of advanced molecules due to fundamental laws of physics, thermodynamics, and other forces of nature. To be brief; complex mysteries of science do not need to be explained with metaphysics. For example, many years ago, people believed that rain was directly caused by God, and fell from heaven. We now know that is caused by fundamentals of physics, chemistry, thermodynamics in the petri dish that is our Earth. This is the same idea; Taking a currently unexplained, or not thoroughly understood, scientific phenomenon, and associating a metaphysical attribute to it.
Actually I don't, that's why I think the Catholics are correct on this topic.
There's a reason why I left the Catholic church when I did; It has become so vehemently anti-abortion that it never fails to mention the subject when it deals with almost every aspect of Catholicism and the present, including politics, which is why I was unofficially excommunicated from the church when I spoke out against it. They have become obsessed with the subject, to the point where they regularly organize "fasts" and "prayer services" at planned parenthood clinics with school children enrolled at their schools.
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