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I believe you have the law entirely backwards Garfield:

Freedom of Speech:
The right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference, subject to the laws against libel, incitement to violence or rebellion, etc.

First Amendment:
An amendment to the Constitution of the United States guaranteeing the right of free expression; includes freedom of assembly and freedom of the press and freedom of religion and freedom of speech

a crime that violates the victim's civil rights and that is motivated by hostility to the victim's race, religion, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender


The key word being "Crime". Speaking is not a crime except when it is threatening violence towards (and even that has to be to the person's direct face most of the time), which no-one here has done. Posting on an Internet forum is not a crime, and neither is saying anything that breaks a law.

Now, if you are implying that we are suggesting another holocaust happen then I would:

1) say that we're still protected under law to say that
2) say that you should retract that idea as it is now accusing staff of racism

Saying that some biblical figures that are worshiped are like Hitler is not a crime, and it certainly is not racist.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
In this case they do because at least in the United States they are a minority, then you throw in the Holocaust and it could be argued that there is an attempt to incite hate crimes against Jewish people here.
Guess what? My freedom of speech gives me the right to say "the holocaust was the best thing to happen to the world"

Do I believe that? Should I say that?

It doesn't matter, because I can say it (for the moderator looking, no I don't). The rules that apply to this forum are those enforced by the forum rules and staff with only a handfull of actual laws going beyond that. But, seeing as we are not seducing minors or sharing child porn I can hardly see what is illegal here.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
You people compare figures from their religious texts to the monster that tried to exterminate all of them, and you're saying they shouldn't feel as though you're insulting them putting it mildly?!?!

Says the guy who is insisting that Hitler is on the atheist side. Should I go get some crazy atheists to come sue you for insulting them?

You've been fighting in this and other threads that the Nazi's and Hitler were an atheist group, and so was soviet Russia. You don't think that is insulting at all?

I gotta say Garfield, you have quite the impressive bias and quite an impressive pair to accuse me and skin of -anything-.

So what if I compare Jewish figures to Hitler? I think the Christian god is just as bad, and Jesus the L. Ron Hubbard of his day. I'll accuse any religious figure of whatever I want, and you can continue to call atheists Nazis.


Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
Actually it is a valid comparison because the home server and the administrators are largely located in North America and Europe. Since this place also has to do with Lucas Arts, it would give Lucas Arts a black-eye from a publicity standpoint.

I'm not making threats, I'm pointing out that if a Jewish person wandered into this thread, this place could end up being sued.
Proving you've got the law backwards.

If some Jewish group sees this thread and sues us, ether the judge will throw the case out or... funnily enough we could sue them back and have a better case!

Because they are then trying to stop our ability of freedom of speech, which, ironically, could also be seen as a hate crime of sorts.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
Again, you post highly inflammatory commentary here, it wouldn't be you necessarily that would be sued, it would be the admin team. I'm not Jewish so I couldn't make the lawsuit, but I imagine there are a few members here that are, and I'm advising that you stop before this place ends up in a lot of trouble.
David and Moses were the Hitler's of their day.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
I'm not threatening, I'm informing that the comments being made by SkinWalker and yourself are way out of line. I am pointing out that if it keeps up, odds are this place will get a lot of unwanted negative publicity for starters and could end up with the reputation as being the gathering place for anti-semites (sp?) at the very least. It's entirely possible this place cound end up in a lawsuit.
I laugh at this.


Now go do something productive like, say, take a class on constitutional law instead of pretending you took one. Maybe you did, but your above posts put that heavily into question.

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