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Thank-you. Most who have posted simply say he should have either gotten worse, or that he got what he deserved. Given that this person was still very young, a few years in prison would be more likely to change his mentality than someone who was much older.

Parole isn't so much setting him lose as it is getting him to support himself and not on taxpayer's dollars. If he were to be released... after passing for rehabilitation, he would be less expensive to take care of than a life sentence in prison. It simply would make no sense for this kind of sentence with no hope of parole and no death sentence. There HAS to be something better than this. I don't want him to die in prison of natural causes, but no one will stick a needle in his arm. If he's never getting a chance at parole, then he will be a weight on the American taxpayer for the rest of his life.

It has to be death or parole option... this sentence is the worst alternative to any other one out there.
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